Welcome to the Universe of Pearl of Dark Flow.

Technology is the strongest force in the Universe, allowing the myriads of species across the Known Universe to communicate, trade, and wage war. But that’s elsewhere, for at the Fringe of the Known Universe lies the Kullheim Star System, a prosperous hub before the vast unknown and one of the largest sources of the fuel catalyst – a mysterious black ore called Surtr.

But Surtr isn’t the only bounty the system has to offer, it also has famed Tower of Heaven, a place where anyone with enough wits and moxie can “mine” the precious Shiny Bit (Data Ore) to salvage and decipher. Technology companies will kill for the Shinies, as every little bit decrypted shaves years off research and development.

Are you ready to man the mines? Explore the frontier?

Pearl of Dark Flow: Tower of Heaven

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