Pearl of Dark Flow: Tower of Heaven

Firsts and Introductions

It was the worst of times...

The party first meets at the Star Line – the only Space Shunt out in the Kullheim system. It’s conveniently found on a Satellite called Station, which orbits the capital planet – Taptheim. There the party awaits their space freighter, taking them to the planet Caspar – where the Tower of Heaven resides.

But why are they here? Why come to the Fringe?

They all come for a better chance, a new life.

One displeased a GHASTS Noble.
One wanted to find glory for his fallen people.
One wanted to find why anyone would leave Earth.
One wanted to find a new reason to fight.
One wanted to find a connection to her people.
One just wanted something else to do.

After some misadventures on Station – old buddies, a mysterious and beautiful woman, prophetic old ladies, and a Dragon Pineapple, they boarded the Freighter.

There, the party discovers who their employer is: The Red Queen – specifically, House of the Red Queen, a mining company owned by the ZI Corporate Group. They also meet other miners, some veterans or liaisons, others completely new.

They had a rousing good time, with singing and dancing, and a little lovin’; thus the first day went on by peaceably – with only a minor snag. Life Support systems were giving odd warnings , off levels, maybe signs of tampering, all dismissed as post flight ship fatigue or software error.

Late the next day… an explosion rocked the ship, threatening to turn off all life support and have the ship implode; but it wasn’t enough. The ship could be saved?

“Do you want to be a hero?” asks the Red Queen. “Don’t you want to be a Hero?”

Could the party say no? Of course not!

With a quick electronic reconnaissance, the explosion occurred near the engines, but was misplaced. It did not take out the entire engineering section. The party charged forth, encountering a few miscreants trying to poison the life support systems. After a quick fire fight, it was revealed that the perpetrators were part of a fanatical cult that believed “Everyone should go to Heaven, Heaven Redeems All”. They were on the ship to send the passengers to “Heaven” by blowing up the ship mid transit.

With little time to spare, the party raced to Engineering to have a fire fight with the captain of the invading force and his crew. A few of the henchmen were more troublesome than their namelessness presented, but they still prevailed to fight the leader, the captain of the Heaven Redeems cult.

In the engine room, the Captain set up a force barrier to keep anyone from disarming the neutron torpedo, and stood his ground. With some tactics and another fire fight, the Captain was lured away enough that one got to damaging the force field generator; which in a twisted turn of events became the reason for the Captain’s demise, as he was flung into the field and overloaded the device. Ending both the device and his existence.

From then on, it was smooth sailing, but who got to keep the Neutron warhead?


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